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Annual Maintenance

Scope of work carried out Quarterly
  • Examine the extinguisher body externally.
  • Check if there is any leakage in the nozzle.
  • Condition of the hose is checked by removing it and check if there is any block.
  • Pressure gauge reading will be checked and noted down.

Scope of work carried out half yearly
  • Open the extinguisher, check water/foam/powder level and replace the water.
  • Examine the condition of power thoroughly if its found to be hard powder will be replaced.
  • Examine the gas cartridge for weight. If there is a loss of than 10% of original mass, the cartridge should be refilled.
  • Valve operating condition will be examined, greasing if required.
  • Cleaning / dusting & Removal of corrosion.
Scope of work carried out annually.
  • Performance of extinguisher is monitored by conducting fire mock drill
  • Every person in organization will be educated regarding fire hazards and demonstrate how to operate differ types of extinguishers.
  • Refilling of extinguishers are done if required.
Scope of work carried out annually.
  • Water and foam type extinguishers - Two years
  • DCP/ABC powder type extinguishers - Three years
  • C02 type extinguishers - Five years.